Risk Factors and Methods of Reconstruction of Self-identity: A Scoping Review

The Open Psychology Journal 04 Feb 2022 REVIEW ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/18743501-v15-e2201060


This scoping review explores the risk factors and methods of self-identity reconstruction in children and adults. In order to determine the relevant research, we searched the following network databases: Web of Science, EBSCO(asp/bsp), Ebsco_CINAHL Plus with Full Text, SCOPUS, CNKI and Taylor & Francis Online . The 17 articles that met the selection criteria were included in the present study written in English or Chinese, and published between 1990 and 2020, with no geographical restriction. The thematic analysis for the studies shows that the risk factors for self-reconstruction include values subversion, significant life events (such as damage, disease), career development crisis,trauma and Internet addiction. For reconstruction methods, the study identifies Group Sandplay Therapy, Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, Composition Work, Testimony Theater, Narrative Psychotherapy and Psychobiography Therapy. There is a close relationship between risk factors and methods of self-identity reconstruction. The two methods of composition work and psychobiography therapy can be combined to intervene individuals to effectively reconstruct their self-identity.

Keywords: Risk factors, Methods, Reconstruction of self-identity, Psychobiography therapy, Composition work, Mental health.
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