The Needs of Medical Professionals in Performing their Duties during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Research Study

The Open Psychology Journal 03 Aug 2022 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/18743501-v15-e2206010



The COVID-19 pandemic situation is a huge global medical and public health issue that has affected people’s physical health and mental well-being. Under the current circumstances, medical professionals are at risk of stress, anxiety, and subsequent mental health problems.


The present study aimed to explore the needs of medical professionals in terms of promoting their mental health while performing their duties during the COVID-19 pandemic. The purposive sampling method was used to select 43 medical professionals in the following five groups: physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, and medical technicians, who were frontline health workers or had the risk of contracting infection from infected patients in Thai hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic. The data were collected using a semi-structured online interview. The informants were asked to talk about the need for mental health promotion of medical professionals while performing their duties during the COVID-19 pandemic for approximately 60 minutes. Content analysis and a reliability test were conducted according to the qualitative research process.


The research results consisted of three main themes: 1) physical safety welfare, composed of COVID-19 prevention and COVID-19 treatment; 2) sources of mental support, comprising emotional support and electronic or media support; and 3) support from central professional agencies, including rewards and recognition and occupational protection.


The medical professionals in this study suggested that the mental health promotion during the COVID-19 pandemic should cover the physical, mental, and social dimensions. Thus, a mental healthcare approach for medical professionals should be developed by focusing on social support.

Keywords: Medical professionals, Needs, COVID-19, Qualitative research, Social support, Emotional support.
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