Employees’ Experiences of Accepting and Adopting HR Analytics: A Phenomenology Study

The Open Psychology Journal 28 Sept 2022 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/18743501-v15-e2208040



The growing and sustaining needs of today’s globalized organizations lead to a quest for competitive advantages through 3R’s: Reframing, Repositioning, and Reinventing. The current research suggests that these mutations initiate changes and provocations in almost every segment of working culture, fostering mutation for the complete organization leaving employees to accept and act. The study aims to focus on the employee experiences and the implications during the acceptance and adoption of HR analytics.


Using a qualitative approach, a life-world phenomenology study with 22 employees associated with HR activities or decision-making process for employees and practicing change management were interviewed for 24 – 26 weeks before and after adopting HR analytics. The interviews were analyzed and texted, which was directed at evaluating qualitative meanings through a systematic process. It is then clustered and analyzed for defining themes and the purpose of the phenomenon.


The study with the sample shows that HR analytics adoption and acceptance is not a cakewalk. The organization has to prepare its employees to adjust to new technology by supporting, encouraging, training, building the right attitude to bring change, and leading in an impactful manner.


The adoption and acceptance of HR analytics among its users have various steps and criticalities. The study was conducted to highlight the emotions of employees during the transformative move toward technology adoption and usage that will help the organization develop the right model for initiating the use of HR analytics in the working culture. It provides insights and guidance for promoting ease of acceptance and adoption of HR analytics among its users.

Keywords: 3RS, HR analytics, Cakewalk, Attitude, Transformative process, Phenomenology study.
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