Exploring the Influence of Career Interests on Career Adaptability and Gender Differences Within the Groups of Rural Teachers in Hebei, China

The Open Psychology Journal 06 June 2024 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/0118743501310737240531062343



The purpose of this study was to examine the role of career interests in shaping the career adaptability of educators at the primary and secondary levels in rural areas of Hebei Province, China, with a particular emphasis on defining the nuances associated with gender differences.


The Career Interest Scale and the Career Adaptability Scale were used to conduct a questionnaire survey among teachers from twenty rural schools in Hebei Province. The study sample consisted of 550 rural primary and secondary school teachers. After eliminating invalid questionnaires, a total of 509 valid responses were obtained, of which 256 were from male teachers and 253 from female teachers.


The career interests of rural teachers in Hebei Province, China, have a significant and positive impact on their career adaptability, and an analysis of the differences between male and female teachers indicates that male teachers' career interests exert a greater influence on the career adaptability of male rather than female teachers. Specifically, male teachers tend to focus more on educational aspects in terms of their career interests, and they demonstrate stronger self-confidence in terms of career adaptability.


Hence, rural primary and secondary school teachers in Hebei Province are recommended to take the initiative to reshape their gender perspectives and enhance their career interests to improve their career adaptability and foster continuous professional development.

Keywords: Career adaptability, career interest, gender differences, Rural conditions, Rural teachers, Rural areas.
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