Gay Men and Lesbian Women with Molestation History: Impact on Sexual Orientation and Experience of Pleasure

Jessica Jones Steed, Donald I. Templer*
Alliant International University, Fresno, California, USA.

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This research focused on the 101 (36.07%) of 280 non-clinical questionnaire-surveyed gay men and lesbians who reported molestations prior to the age of 16. The homosexually molested participants were more likely to say that the molestation had an impact on their sexual orientation than heterosexually molested participants. The perpetrator was described as homosexual in 94.49% of female homosexual molestations and in 80.0% of male homosexual molestations. The experience was reported as pleasurable by 88.9% of females molested by females, 88.2% of males molested by females, 72.0% of males molested by males, and 48.9% of females molested by males. The molestation was reported to authorities in only 14% of the cases. The reader is urged to use considerable caution in making cause and effect inferences.

Keywords: Homosexual, molestation, sexual orientation.