Impact of COVID-19 on Psychological Wellbeing of University Employees: The Mediating Role of Coping Mechanism

The Open Psychology Journal 17 Nov 2023 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/0118743501256495231108062146



The study aims to analyse the employees’ well-being in the COVID-19 pandemic scenario, by studying the mediating impact of coping behaviour in terms of stresses and negative experiences. The study scope is university teaching and staff personnel, constantly using online methods to deliver teaching-learning-evaluation processes.


Empirical data was collected from 571 university employees through an online survey. The survey instruments were standard scales to assess the impact of events; distress, anxiety & stress, coping strategies, and personal well-being. The data was collected over a week after a month-long lockdown and analysed through CFA and SEM tools.


The role of coping strategies remains central to pandemic or emergency conditions. Statistical analysis shows that distress, anxiety and stress have adversely impacted the coping strategies and well-being of the respondents. The members were identified based on their responses and suitable measures being instituted to strengthen their coping strategies and abilities to deal with adverse situations.


This study contributes to the literature by presenting and validating a theory-driven setting that highlights the degree of negative consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and lock-down conditions. This research establishes the usefulness of tested personal wellness theories in a non-clinical setting.

Keywords: Coronavirus, COVID-19, Genetics & genomics, Public health, Pandemic, Lock-down.
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